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Deli Menu

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B R E A K F A S T   M E N U

Ken’s Favorite
Sausage, egg, and cheese in a grilled white wrap!:………$3.35

Crazy Girl (Steph’s Favorite)
Bacon, eggs, home fries and cheese on a toasted roll!:………$4.54

Wild Side
Bananas, apples, nutella, granola and peanut butter on a grilled white wrap:………$4.25

Side of Home Fries:………$2.00

Egg sandwiches on a toasted roll or bagel, with melted cheese. Have your eggs scrambled or fried, with choice of
bacon, ham, or sausage:.........$3.20

One egg on a roll:......................$1.29

Bacon, Ham, or Sausage, with melted cheese
on a toasted roll:..........$2.85

B'fast Wrap - Scrambled eggs twisted into a flour tortilla with ham,
Provolone and salsa, then grilled crispy!! ......................................$3.35

Try our Deli-icious coffees!!

Bakery Fresh Pastries & Donuts

All sandwiches served on your choice of fresh white, wheat, or rye bread, or hard roll. Subs served on fresh, white sub rolls.

We also have a spinach, plain, or wheat wraps.

Available toppings ~ lettuce, tomato, onion and dill pickles. Let us make it your way!

The Pilgrim - Fresh-roasted Turkey with homemade stuffin & cran-mayo on grilled focaccia


Hot Guy - Smoked turkey with cran-mayo,cheddar, bacon & apples on GRILLED wheat 


Nice Guy - Smoked turkey with cran-mayo, lettuce, apple slices, bacon & cheddar cheese on wheat bread    


 Ultimate Grilled Cheese- Provolone, cheddar & mozzarella cheeses with honey mustard & roasted red peppers piled on a focaccia then GRILLED till crispy


The Dockmaster- HOT fresh-roasted beef with melted Swiss, on grilled rye bread, with coleslaw, horseradish sauce & tomatoes.....     

The Dockmistress - Marinated grilled chicken breast wrapped in a whole-wheat flour tortilla with cheddar, honey mustard & tomatoes, then grilled to a CRISP!!..... $6.81
Roman - Anything we choose for you to eat NO exceptions!! Be Daring!!It's good we guarantee TBA
Kath's Favorite - Turkey on rye with a dad of horseradish sauce, tomatoes, coleslaw & Swiss cheese $6.25     
Uncle Samwich - Turkey, ham & roast beef with lettuce,
tomatoes, onion mayo & American cheese on a full sub
Turkey Club - 3 pieces of white toast layered with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon & turkey $6.81      
Smoked Turkey Reuben - Smoked turkey on grilled rye bread with melted Swiss cheese, Russian dressing & sauerkraut.....       $6.16

T.S.B - Turkey, Swiss & Bacon on grilled rye with honey mustard & tomatoes     


Green Island- You guessed it!!! Roasted red peppers, tomatoes, cubes, grilled onions, carrots, hummus & Provolone cheese wrapped in a spinach tortilla, then GRILLED to a CRISP!  


She Flew the Coup - Chicken salad on GRILLED rye with tomatoes, sautéed onions & melted Swiss          


River St. Finest - Roast beef with melted Provolone, horseradish sauce, tomatoes & sautéed onions on a GRILLED focaccia        


Gabriele's Island - GRILLED chicken, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, cukes, grilled onions, hummus & provolone cheese wrapped in a spinach tortilla, then GRILLED to a CRISP!


Italian Stallion - Pepperoni, salami, ham & Provolone with roasted red peppers & Italian dressing on GRILLED focaccia      

Wrap up the Garden – Baby greens twisted in an wheat wrap with hummus, tomatoes, onions, carrots, olives, cucumbers, roasted red peppers & American cheese $6.81

Sandwiches, Subs & Wraps

or 1/2 Wrap
Subs or
Whole Wrap
Ham and Cheese $4.35 $6.16
Fresh Roasted Beef $5.05 $6.26
Fresh Roasted Turkey $4.35 $6.16
Turkey and Bacon $5.27 $7.15
Marinated Grilled Chicken $5.27 $7.15
BLT $4.75 $6.60
Homemade Tuna Salad $4.75 $6.60
Homemade Chicken Salad $4.75 $6.60
Salami or pepperoni $4.35 $6.16
Cheese $4.35 $6.16
Italian Mixed $4.95 $6.80
Vegetarian $4.35 $6.16
Homemade Salads    
Garden Salad $3.29  
Garden Salad w/ Tuna $4.87  
Garden Salad w/ Chicken Salad $4.87  
Chef $6.26  
Grilled Chicken Salad $6.26  
Homemade Soups

Check for our Soups of the day on our Facebook Page!

Cup of soup $2.15  
Bowl of soup $2.50  
Grilled Cheese & Cup of Soup $4.27  

Call (518) 271-8787 to order

Local Delivery Available 11:00 am to 1:30 pm: $15.00 Minimum Purchase.

Menu items
and prices subject to change without notice. All items subject to 8% sales tax.
Visa, Mastercard, and Amex accepted         




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